Davina        +        Grace


Davina and Grace became quick friends during their college years at Virginia Commonwealth University - Go Rams! 10 years later, having been each others maid and matrons of honors, and lots of life together, Love per Second was born in the winter of 2017 over a conversation about starting a business together, in the living room of Grace's mother in law's home. The process was not easy, but as we chose to build this together no matter what, here we are a few years later, not only thriving as a business, but even more as friends and business partners! With Davina's gift of storytelling, years of experience as a videographer,  editor and love for the arts, and Grace's natural gift with people, and a big heart to serve them, our gifts combined makes us the unstoppable force we are today! 

The rest is history! 


As business owners and artists, we take on multiple roles!

Grace takes care of all email communication, contracts, scheduling and will be your best friend in helping you get all your ducks in a row for your wedding! She is also the second shooter for your wedding day!

Davina is the main videographer, photographer, editor and overall crafter of your wedding photos and film. It's super important for her to chat with the couple to get an idea of their personalities and style. She takes every wedding as a soul project and does an excellent job representing the couple as they are on their wedding day - personalities, emotional moments and all! 









The first step will be to have a chat with Grace and Davina about your wedding. We will go over your needs, wants, answer any questions and see if overall we would be a good fit for each other!  

If the consultation goes well, we'll decide on the right package for you based on the conversation. From there, we write up your contract, send it over for you to read through, sign and return alongside a deposit to hold your date in place! We usually require a 30% deposit by the way!

From there, you're booked! We will continue keeping in contact with you up until the week of your wedding; where we will have a final meeting to review everything and then... your wedding day! Hurray!

You'll receive a follow-up email post wedding day, letting you know that we're in the works of creating your film! Because we are a photo and video company, the amount of time it takes to turn over is between 2-3 months, depending on the season. Even if you hired us to do just one of the services, we most likely have other weddings before you that have hired us to do both and all the work goes in order. With Davina being the only editor for LPS, she takes care and time to ensure that the quality and product meets her satisfaction before sending anything! We hope you can understand!

Once the edits are finished your video will be sent to you in 2 forms: google drive and youtube link. Once the photos are finished, they will be sent to you via a digital gallery for you to revisit and download for as long as we are here! We strongly request downloading everything as soon as possible though, so you can safe-keep all your memories forever!